Our farm started with two registered Saanen dairy goats in 2001 as a gift from grandma to my then 2 year old daughter. Since grandma had raised and shown Saanens for many years, I think it was as exciting for grandma to pass along her love of the dairy goat to my daughter as it was for my daughter to receive her new friends. Even though I vowed to keep our herd numbers to 3 does so that time was manageable, we soon saw our small herd grow as my daughter started to show in local ADGA shows when she was just 5 years old. The shows were truly a family affair as grandma, grandpa, mom, dad and granddaughter all trudged together from show to show creating memories that will last us a lifetime. 

We continue to show registered Saanens and La Manchas and are proud to say that while we maintain a very small herd of just 12-15 goats, we have some of the best bloodlines in the nation and are always looking to improve our genetic outcomes through careful selection of both does and breeding bucks. We believe that our does should be able to be competitive in the show ring, be high producers on the milk stand and have exceptional personalities in the barn. Of course the last trait is of utmost importance to us!


About Our Farm and Goats

The blessings we receive are the blessings we share with others.